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Job Description

Even if you’re not familiar with our name, you’ve almost certainly heard of our billion-dollar brands like Cadbury, Milka, Prince and Oreo. Developing the world’s favorite snacks, we’re passionate about creating delicious moments of joy for people all around the world. Working at Mondelēz International is all about the power of big - and small.


Why big? Because we’re the world’s leading maker of Chocolate, Biscuits, Candy and Gum. We’re ranked #1 in chocolate, biscuits and candy, and #2 in gum. What’s more, we employ over 100,000 people worldwide and market products in around 165 countries.


Why small? We go out of our way to hear everyone’s point of view, and develop local roots wherever we go. It’s this combination of big and small that drives everything we do.


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As part of Manufacturing, you’ll use your skills, our systems and a wide array of raw materials to help create the delicious finished products our consumers love. While taking ownership in your area of work, you’ll also ensure the safety of yourself and your colleagues while producing our top-quality products reliably and efficiently within our integrated supply chain.

Reporting to the Line Leader, Line Manager, and Process Engineer, the Operator is responsible for upholding excellence on a high-speed production line in a food manufacturing environment. The Operator is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of his/her equipment while conducting basic maintenance to maintain its integrity in order to meet production targets and uphold the highest quality standard. The Operator works with management and fellow employees to eliminate waste, drive performance, and continuously improve their Line’s safety, quality, service, and cost. The Operator will also be responsible for applying Integrated Lean Six Sigma (IL6S) methodology to their specific line, and East York Bakery as a whole, in order to drive performance and long term growth.  

Operators are the backbone of Mondelez. Without your dedication, hard work and positive attitude, there is no product for the customer to enjoy. 

I. Key Responsibilities during the Implementation/Start-up Period   

Learn the principles, tools, and systems of Integrated Lean Six Sigma while applying it to the production line

Learn how to safely operate processing and/or packaging equipment by following proper LOTO procedures, safety maps, and safe behaviors

Learn how to perform all quality tests that need to be conducted on the production line

Learn the work processes of Centerline, CIL, and Defect Handling while implementing them to the production line

Learn how to operate processing and/or packaging equipment in a classroom setting, based on training materials, OPLs, SOPs, and hands-on activities

Learn how to operate similar processing and/or packaging equipment at other Mondelez sites and/or suppliers

Learn how to operate processing and/or packaging equipment using the pre-stablished centerlines 

Learn how to properly clean and sanitize processing and/or packaging equipment by following pre-stablished SOPs

Learn how to properly perform change overs on processing and/or packaging equipment by following step-by-steps instructions

Learn how to troubleshoot problems in processing and/or packaging material

Learn how to use root cause analysis tools to eliminate losses  

Demonstrate skills and abilities learned through frequent assessments in classroom and on the floor  

Effectively operate processing and/or packaging equipment during trials and start-up in order to achieve the safety, quality, cost and delivery objectives

Support the start-up/management team on other activities as needed

II. Key Responsibilities during the Production Period

Constant observation of Line and Product in order to ensure Safety and Quality Standards of Mondelez are upheld 

Constant observation of the Line and piece of equipment in order to identify any deviation from normal conditions (i.e. centerlines)

Identifying any reasons for centerline deviations in order to avoid damages and losses (i.e. root cause analysis) 

Understanding the inner-workings of the machine and having an intimate knowledge of equipment settings

Understanding and applying the concepts of Autonomous Maintenance and Progressive Maintenance to the Line through Abnormality Tags, in order to prevent deterioration of equipment and continue to meet production quotas and quality standards

Maintenance of the line (i.e. cleaning and following 5S standards), and maintenance of the equipment (i.e. cleaning, inspection, lubrication) in the context of production activities

Identifying and troubleshooting minor repair issues (i.e. Autonomous Maintenance) and communicating major issues accurately to the Maintenance team for prompt repair or preventing a breakdown (i.e. Progressive Maintenance).

Communicating information to supervisors and colleagues about defects, improvements, changes of a machine and raw material.

Identification of opportunities for improvements and independent realization or assignment (i.e. Kaizens)

Apply all relevant safety measures in line with IL6S goals (i.e. emergency stop button, protective enclosure). Apply problem solving methods, social and functional skills according to the skill matrix in the context of introduction and consolidation of IL6S.

Respect and uphold GMP guidelines (i.e. quality requirements, SSE guidelines and environmental consciousness) Maintain personal hygiene; Clean uniforms, hair and beard nets are mandatory for GMP.

Able to conduct Pre-Op and Safety Checks, Cartoner, Controls, Load Cartons, Inspect Package Seal, trouble-shoot, Load Film Code, Date Printer, Wrapper Controls, perform Set-up/shut down Procedures, clear a Jam, and adjust the glue guns.


III. Key General Accountabilities


Upholding the highest safety standards for the benefit of self and fellow employees

Upholding the highest quality standards for the benefit of Mondelez and the customer  

Operation and maintenance of several pieces of process or packaging equipment 

Cleaning, inspecting and lubricating equipment on a pre-determined basis 

Promotes and displays good employee relations throughout the plant; is a cooperative and dedicated worker                                                                                                 

Willingly takes on a mentorship role to train new or less experienced operators

Promote and display good attendance and reliability; returns promptly from breaks in order to be fair to fellow employees

Promote good housekeeping and manufacturing practices (setting an example for other employees within the plant) and ensure personnel on the line /area practice good house-keeping, keep their work areas

Clean and follows 5S practices

Report any unsafe, unclean areas or any problems that could cause substandard quality of production          

Demonstrates personal and professional integrity               

Health and Safety:


Understand, promote and apply Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policies and practices throughout the facility to prevent injury, illness and property damage.  

Understand relevant HSE risks associated with the facility and corresponding control measures.

Communicate and take action on imminent danger situations, hazards, Non-conformities and incident reporting. 

Adhere to relevant HSE programs.

Participate in HSE programs and controls such as: Behavior Based Safety Programs, Defect Management, and Incident Management. 

Promote and practice safety first philosophy and accident prevention among East York’s team.           

Maintain personal hygiene; Clean uniforms, hair and beard nets are mandatory for GMP.           

Ability to follow basic safety on the line/area; including wearing proper PPE

Demonstrates attention to safety and GMPs; Demonstrates LOTO protocol when necessary                                

Work in a safe and competent manner, following rules and procedures as required and as outlined in our Health & Safety guidelines.                                                                                   

Report any unsafe condition to your Line Leader.



Follow plant food safety and GMP compliance, HACCP program and Allergen Management protocol

Use proper tools (including chemical & lubrication) that meet company food safety standard.

Maintain a clean and hazardous free work area while supporting and promoting company GMP’s, Safety, and Mondelēz policies.

Comply with Company policies, procedures and local legislation.

Report all quality and food safety related issues immediately to the Line Leader or Manager for corrections and corrective actions.

Awareness of what a quality/in-spec cookie and package looks like:

Demonstrated awareness and commitment to quality

Understand allergens and kosher status and how to handle

Good knowledge of HACCP and WHMIS


High School diploma is required 

At least 1 year of work experience in a manufacturing environment is required

Ability to work as a team member to achieve performance objectives is required

Ability to learn new tasks is required 

Ability to communicate in English to other team members and other management personnel is required

Ability to read and write in English is required

Ability to troubleshoot problems in processing and/or packaging machinery is required 

Ability to follow directions is required

Must be able to work any shift, weekends, and overtime as needed

Must be flexible to travel to other Mondelez sites within North America and Europe as part of  their training program

Physical Demands:

Must be capable of lifting up to 50 lbs 

Reaching: Full extension

Repetition: High

Mondelez Canada welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations for disabilities or other grounds protected by human rights legislation are available upon request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the employment selection process. If you are a person with a disability and have questions or would like help with your application, please contact 847-943-5460 for assistance.


Applicants must complete all required steps in the application process, including providing education and work history, in order to be considered for this position. All applicants will receive an email after submitting the first stage of the application. This email will include a link to return to the second stage of the application process. If you had previously submitted a resume, you will need to confirm/verify education and work history. For those that did not submit a resume, you will need to manually enter education and work history.

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