MBS Operations Excellence Programs Lead

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Location: Delhi, Delhi IN
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Job Category: Business Services
Job Description
Mondelez India Foods Ltd is a leading global confectionery & snacks company. It began its operations in 1948 by importing chocolates. After 60+ years of existence, it today has six company-owned manufacturing facilities at Thane, Induri (Pune) and Malanpur (Gwalior), Bangalore, Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) , Hyderabad  and 4 sales offices (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai). The corporate office is in Mumbai. (New facility at Sri City, AP?)

We operate in five categories in India – Chocolate, Confectionery, Beverages, Biscuits, Gum and Candy and market 11 Power Brands which include Bournvita, Dairy Milk, Halls, Gems, 5Star, Choclairs, Perk, Celebrations, Bournville, Tang & Oreo. Mondelez India Foods Ltd dominates the chocolate market in India with approximately 70% share of the market.

Purpose of the Job: 

MBS Operations Excellence (OPEX) Programs Lead manages and coordinates organization-wide efforts to ensure that Operational Excellence Programs are developed and managed, in order to streamline procedures and work-models, so that MBS operates more efficiently and improve service delivery aligned to the MBS strategic imperatives. 

• The MBS OPEX Programs Lead will be leading OPEX initiatives and will have ownership for multiple Frameworks and models to support and govern business imperatives and strategic initiatives across the full MBS operational landscape.
• MBS OPEX Programs Lead is responsible to drive and lead the OPEX Culture, with the MBS Service Operations, and will be the PoC for MDLZ OPEX initiatives, such as BPE, DIAL and other MDLZ companywide programs
• MBS OPEX Programs Lead  assures through delivering high quality OPEX leadership, programs and training, that organization-wide OPEX initiatives are focused and aligned on enabling consistent, efficient and effective programs and services that MBS needs to deliver the quality of services that our clients look for.

About MBS:
MBS delivers Finance Services, Employee Services, Vendor & Travel Services, Data Management and Marketing/Customer Services with more than 15 locations worldwide at both Mondelez in-house and BPO partners’ service delivery centres. About 5000 External and Internal FTEs  (phase 1 & 2)  are expected to deliver business services for MBS the next three years with $60+ million annual spending. MBS services span more than 50 sub-processes.

About Operations Excellence (OPEX): 
Operations Excellence team is responsible for bringing consistent, efficient and effective programs and services that MBS needs to deliver the quality of services that our customers look for. The team:
– Owns implementation of continuous improvement   & other business imperatives programs.
– Creates a sustainable culture for LEAN, C.I. and Operational Excellence across in-house and partner operations
– Manages the overall MBS Operational Excellence program
– Owns MBS OPEX Tools and eco-systems
– Owns MBS Incident & Problem Management (IPM) program

Main Responsibilities :

'• Ownership for all OPEX/CI Frameworks &  Methodologies  to support and govern business imperatives and strategic initiatives across the full MBS operational landscape.
 Design, implementation and maintenance (Transformation Methodology /  CI 4 TG Framework /  RPA 4 TG Framework /   Other/new as needed)
 Perform Due-diligence, collect feedback and prepare/release regular updates 
 Deployment: Consistent , and effective, deployment of all  framework across All Operations and Service Lines
 Support & training: Advice and support users and leadership;  development and maintenance of training materials and toolkits.

• Drive and lead the OPEX/CI deployment and methods with the MBS external Service partner operations, and PoC for internal MDLZ partners/stakeholders (Partner Mngt, ITS, IC/IA, DIAL, PMO team etc)
 Serve as an CoE on Opex programs, tools and techniques focusing on Operating Excellence with our MBS strategic partners. 
 Reporting and Dashboards
 Governance and Adherence : Governance of the various program deployment and correct implementation. Design and run adherence programs
 Coach process owners, service teams and leadership at our Partners on MBS Opex programs.

• Provide High quality OPEX leadership to drive/improve the organizations focus and alignment for consistent, efficient and effective programs and tools.
 Support and roll out Opex/CI programs, across MBS organization, such as Operations Handbook, IPM, Capability Program, RPA etc.
 Train, educate and transfer knowledge of Opex principles, programs and tools into MBS organization 
 Advice all Partners & Operations across service line to build effective and structural governance as defined in Opex Frameworks.

• Lead Selective Opex/Delivery Projects as a Project Manager

• Opex OPEX Culture/Leadership.
 Establish and maintain strong, collaborative relationships with internal and external  stakeholders to identify additional ways to be of service and ensure customer satisfaction
 Promote strong collaborative relationships between the OPEX team and all other MBS Delivery teams in order to work effectively with these stakeholders to drive process improvements that quantitatively and qualitatively improve costs, quality and service.
  Provides feedback to the Delivery and Operations Leadership about standards to Performance/Tools/Governance practices as appropriate.
 Demonstrate commitment towards OPES initiatives and willingness to challenge existing practices
 Facilitate cross tower support and sharing of information, and adoption of best practices within the MBS community. 

Career Experiences Required & Role Implications :

'The MBS OPEX Programs Lead...

• Must be able to develop effective partnership with internal and external stakeholders to drive Operations Excellence; must be a good team player and know how to build his/her own network

• Must be highly structural and have relevant C.I. and process analysis expertise in order to identify and structure issues, develop frameworks & methods and support practical  deployment.

• Will have to make smart Selections and successful implementation of the correct OPEX programs that drive both savings for the operational unit as well as overall OPEX quality  improvements with the ultimate goal to have an holistic approach to an integrated Operations Excellence Management System (OEMS) as an outcome

• Will be the PoC for all OPEX initiatives deployed at the operations managed by our 3rd party service providers and will need to have deep insight on how our partners run their OPEX and C.I programs.

• Must have positive energy and ability to energize others and have excellent communication, presentation, training and interpersonal skills.

• Must leverage Stakeholder engagement and must have the ability to work with colleagues from operations up to executive level

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