Coordinator CI

Req #: 1801364
Location: Vyshgorod, Kyyivs'ka UA
Other Locations:
Job Category: Manufacturing
Job Description
The purpose of the role is to lead, strengthen and co-ordinate Continuous Improvement Process, challengу processes existing within all functions of the Plant in accordance with IL6S Strategy defined by Director Plant and best practices existing in Mondelēz International Operations.

- Lead the process of Continuous Improvement process at the Plant with focus of generating effective initiatives for reducing costs and for increasing manufacturing and work productivity, execution of KPI’s,  Scorecard  plant  and FI Scorecard, specified as objectives for plant.
- Provide clear understanding of the requirements for the IL6S culture via organization and conducting systematical training and professional development of specialists and employees by pillars teams.
- Implement team culture at plant, including all functions via conducting training, presentations, disseminating information about best practices and achievements  for providing clear understanding of IL6S culture (for example, FI, Organization, AM, etc.).
Communicate objectives for development IL6S culture, plans of operations performance, achieved results to specialists and plant employees. 
- Organize meetings with all plant functions to share IL6S -status and to define next steps in order to raise the performance bar and to drive towards CIP plant culture.
- Lead the processes of FI pillar.
- Organize periodic Performance Review meetings of teams with plant management to report on operational efficiency and also to define next steps in order to raise the performance bar and to drive towards IL6S plant culture.
- Lead and co-ordinate implementation of effective manufacturing process (for example, loss analysis,  problem solving tools, assessment of line for 6-sigma level, 6 – sigma projects, 12 steps Kobetsu-Kaizen, Losses Tree, visual factory, etc.). 
- Lead Plant Productivity program. 
- Motivate employees to search and implement the ways of effective equipment utilization and decrease production cost.
- Responsible for studying, proposing and realizing improvements in processing, production and material flow to reduce manufacturing costs.
Provide support in training, making suggestions and improvements implementation for production costs, process and operations development for achievement of ideal production level.
Take part in the processes organizations for results achievement via E2E projects and activities. "
- Organize collaboration with other CI teams from other plants across categories / countries in order to foster benchmarking actively.
- Coordinate in Phase assessments, including Pre-Assessments. Organize or implement required events (e.g. teambuilding events, technical training, brainstorming sessions, collective ideas searching, SQCDSM etc.) to realize expected changes in activities and behavior and increase awareness of existing tools and processes.
- Follow requirements of normative acts related to accident prevention and environmental care, labor and fire safety as well as Corporate regulations on GMP, HACCP, SS&E, ISO-9001, 14001, 22000, OHSAS 18001:2007 strictly adhere to Quality Policy.
- Bear disciplinary, administrative and, when required by law, criminal liability for failure of the primary documents (including, but not limited to acts of performed work, services, acts of acceptance and transfer of wealth, invoices, contracts, reports, attendance records, orders, reports, etc.) and / or registers accounting, as well as unreliable as reflected in the primary documents and / or registries accounting data, if the employee has made and / or signed the documents.
Manager may temporarily delegate the employee performing any duties and / or responsibilities. In this case, the employee is responsible for the proper performance of delegated duties and / or powers to the same extent as if all the other duties and powers under this job description


- University degree or equal by experience.
- Good knowledge of food processing, production processes or food technology, equipment.
- Good knowledge of MS Office
- Good Finance Knowledge
- Knowledge of Product Safety, GMP and HACCP standards is required
- Familiarity and conformity to the demands of the regulatory documents on labor safety, environmental protection and fire safety
- Strong analytical skills 
- Leadership in generating ideas
- Good knowledge of manufacturing process, not less than 5 years and more (Manufacturing or Engineering is preferred)
- Successful experience in managing Operations projects in any of its functions e.g. Manufacturing, Engineering, Processing, Supply Chain 
- Team player
- Fluent English, Russian, Ukrainian
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